• m Platform: Free MagentoCE
  • P Released: enero 9, 2013
  • " iPhone: Mobile Optimized
  • sPSD Files Included
  • G Version: Magento 1.4 - 1.5 - 1.6.x - 1.7.x - 1.8.x
  • i Framework: v

¡Dígale hola a HelloWired! Lleve su tienda a un nivel superior con este gran tema gratuito. La plantilla cuenta con una extensa cantidad de features para que pueda personalizar su tienda y es verdaderamente perfecto para propietarios que buscan simplicidad, elegancia y funcionalidad.


WPlatform: Free MagentoCE " iPhone theme included sPSD Inlcuido @ Versión compatible: 1.4 - 1.5 - 1.6.x - 1.7.x - 1.8.x
  • Completamente responsive

    El diseño se ajustará perfectamente a cualquier pantalla y tipo de dispositivo. En estos días, una de las cosas que mas aprecian los usuarios es explorar y comprar productos desde sus dispositivos móviles. HelloWired cumple esta función a la perfección.

  • Imágenes deslizantes

    Este control deslizante le permitirá mostrar sus productos y promociones destacadas en la página principal de su tienda virtual, ofreciéndole la opción de destacar mas información en menos espacio y de una forma muy sencilla y elegante.

  • Carrusel de productos destacados

    Muestre sus productos destacados en la página principal de su tienda con este hermoso carrusel deslizante. Puede elegir sencillamente cuales son los productos que quiere mostrar, ajustando su página principal a su estrategia de marketing y sin necesidad de ser un experto.


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  • WTemplates Ligeros

    We know what your clients are looking for, so all of our themes are focused on speed and clean designs. In today's world of online business, speed is becoming increasingly important to customers, not only between pages but in everything your website does. HelloThemes promises that there will be minimal downtime and minimal fuss when it comes to managing your store.

  • yFáciles de personalizar

    If you've chosen one of our themes as your companies framework for your ecommerce store, don't forget you can make it your own. Customizing it to match your company's image could not be easier! You can get all the documentation through our website by visiting our support documentations section once you've purchased a theme.

  • WExcelente Soporte Técnico

    HelloThemes provides all our members and customers with the best support. With our team of talented designers, developers and customer support agents, you are sure to find every and any answer you may need. All of our members get 100% support, all the time and every time, as well as having full access to our support documentations. If you ever have any questions, we'll be here to help.

  • WSeguro y Fiable

    All our themes are thouroughly tested for security. We don't only check for bugs, but for security holes that could make software vulnerable to attacks as well. On top of this, all of our themes are made for the Magento platform, a software that makes your ecommerce site more secure than most proprietary software. We keep our themes updated to the latest version of Magento, taking advantage of their latest security parameters.

  • WLa mejor calidad asegurada

    HelloThemes promises to provide you with the highest quality themes on the web. Our themes are compatible with W3C standards, meaning that access to your website is ensured from all devices and different browsers. No matter the resolution, browser or device, you're website will always look and function in the same way. All our themes are tested over and over again before being released to ensure utmost satisfaction.

  • WSEO Optimizado

    All of our Magento themes are search engine friendly, allowing pages to be indexed by all major search engines. Each page has a unique H1 tag, logos are real links with clean anchor text, a nofollow attribute is added to prevent PR losses and duplicate content, and more...

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