24 August

How to fix the vertical navigation bar

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If you have HelloPress, HelloUno,  HelloMini, or HelloTimes, and the left vertical nav is not displaying categories, here is the solution: Go to: skinfrontenddefaulthellopressjscustom.js or hellomini or: hellouno or: hellotimes There you should add this:

If you have HelloTimes or HelloMini, make sure you have this line in appdesignfrontenddefault(hellotimes or hellomini)layoutpage.xml: <action method=”addItem”><type>skin_js</type><name>js/custom.js</name></action>

01 July

How To Set Up Different Languages in Magento

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In order to configure a different language for your store, you have to download the language package from the MagentoConnect Web Site: http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect There you can search and find your desired language. 1) Choose the language you want, then click in “Get extension key” and copy the line. 2)In your admin, go to System → Magento More »

05 June

Homepage Fix Magento Theme

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If your having trouble with the installation and the ‘Homepage‘ layout isn’t showing up and your using Magento v1.3.2 and above, please download the homepage fix. This file needs to be uploaded on to your FTP. Please locate and overwrite the folder ‘app/code‘ with the download we have provided below.

05 May

Adding your Logo to your Magento Store

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Adding your logo to Magento is probably one of the easiest procedures there are.

11 April

Adding Links to your Top Menu

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Many people wonder how you go by adding additional links to your Category menu items on Magento.

08 April

Modifying Frontpage Widget Slider

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Many people wonder how to modify the Frontpage Widget/Slider to either make it slower, faster etc..  It is in fact rather straight forward. We will start first by opening up ” skin/frontend/default/<yourtheme>/slider/js/slider.js”

06 April

How to show Category Products on Homepage

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Another major question people ask is how to add a Category Products on the homepage. This again, is a very simple task and I will once again explain how it all works. When you purchase one of our themes you will see a folder name called “code” and inside that folder a file called “homepage_code.txt” More »

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