17 January

Adding a CMS Page to your theme navigation menu

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Hi folks!, enjoying your #Magento store?, let me give you a very useful tip: how to add a cms page into my theme’s nav-menu?: 1) First we create our CMS page through our Admin-panel: CMS->Pages Keep in mind the “URL Key” field will be displayed in the full URL of your page. 2) Now we More »

18 December

Moving sidebar blocks with our Framework

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Hello my #Magento friends!, remember when had to edit xml code to change sidebar blocks positions?, that’s old days now since you don’t have to edit code anymore with our awesome framework. Let’s say you want to move “Recently Viewed” block to be the first block in the sidebar, take a look: 1) In your More »

03 December

Magento Admin-panel user locked, what now?

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Hi #Magento people!, have you ever been locked when trying to access to your Admin-panel?, well, this happened to me last week and i think this may help anybody having this problem. Luckily the solution is quite simple to apply, all you have to do is accessing to the Magento DB you created when you More »

28 November

Adding your own product tab in our framework’s themes

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Hi there!, in addition to our tutorial for “creating your own product tab“, we want to complement your knowledge with this quick #Magento tutorial for adding your own tabs in product-view pages of our framework’s themes. The procedure is basically the same like any other #Magento theme, however the code you’ll add in template/catalog/product/view.phtml file More »

31 October

Inline Translation on Magento CE

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Hi there! Looking for an easy way to translate your theme titles, paragraphs, etc?… found it!. Although is not widely used in the #Magento world, it can save you a lot of time if you’re in a hurry. Take a look: 1) Within your Admin-panel, navigate to System->Configuration->select your store-view in “Current Configuration Scope:” drop-down. More »

25 September

Working with mobile devices dimensions in responsive css

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Hi #Magento lovers!, this week’s tip is related with responsive theme css. You may ask yourself how you can detect a mobile device dimension to change/add css elements when your theme is browsed by an iPhone or any other mobile device. It’s very simple: In all our responsive themes, we work with 1 file to More »

05 September

Shipping Table Rates for foreign countries.

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Configuring a shipping table () in #Magento for a foreign country can be tricky, but here you’ll find some very useful tips. The mayor difficulty resides in configuring different shipping costs according to different provinces,  states, regions and postal codes. In this example, we’ll configure 2 shipping types (Shipping to branch and Home delivery), and the cost More »

04 September

Adding your own content in “Additional Information” tab

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You’ve already seen this tab in many product view pages, but how do i add my own content in that tab?. Pretty simple: 1) We’ll need to create our own attibutes, to do so navigate to Catalog / Attributes / Manage Attributes within your Magento Admin-panel. Fill in the required fields, be sure to set More »

28 August

Adding your own tab in your product view pages

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Need to add a tab in your product view page?, simple: 1) Open up app/design/frontend/default/yourtheme/layout/catalog.xml 2) Find this block call: <block type=”catalog/product_view_tabs” name=”product.info.tabs” as=”info_tabs” template=”catalog/product/view/tabs.phtml” > 3) Add a line inside this block to call your tab, for example: <action method=”addTab” translate=”title” module=”catalog”><alias>mytab</alias><title>My Tab</title><block>tag/product_list</block><template>catalog/product/mytab.phtml</template></action> Where <title> is your tab name, and <template> is the path More »

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