20 April

Google’s URL display changes and our suggestions for your Magento store

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Last week, Google announced they will be making some changes in the way URLs appear in mobile search results in the United States, starting on April 21st. In this post we’ll explain what changes will be made and what this means for your Magento website. The changes: Google stated that they will be implementing the More »

24 July

Magento and RWD theme

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Hi there!, Have you heard about #Magento RWD theme?. Well, if you’ve navigated through the new structure files, you may noticed a new folder in app/design/frontend/ directory, this is “rwd”. RWD stands for Responsive Web Design, and it’s a new “base” theme that #Magento core team have released for us. This themes includes a More »

29 May

Sell quick and cute with Magento. HelloFramework overview part IV

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Greetings #Magento worshipers! We’ll check today 2 other HelloFramework features, the Header and Footer settings: Open the Header tab to see which header elements can be edited: Header Top links color: Top links hover color: Header Background: Top Navigation links color: HelloSlide Background: Breadcrumb Background Color: Enable links in Top links: Add links in Top More »

21 May

Sell quick and cute with Magento. HelloFramework overview part III

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Hi #Magento lovers!, Let’s check another 2 options in the HelloFramework to keep customizing your theme: You can see the tabs Ajax and Blocks, let’s take a look at which settings are available under each option: Ajax Show Priceslider: Ajax Wishlist: Ajax Cart: Show Totop: Blocks Show Sidebar: Show Sidebar Menu: Show Layered Navigation: Show More »

13 May

Sell quick and cute with Magento. Hello Framework overview part II

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Hi there!, Continuing with our #Magento HelloFramework overview chapters, today we’ll talk about the next features our framework provides to edit and customize your theme. These are “Fonts” option and “Menu” option: Fonts We take advantage of Google Fonts so you can select and apply your desired font in the theme. Menu We provide 2 More »

06 May

Sell quick and cute with Magento. Hello Framework overview part I

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It’s well known that Magento came to life with the purpose of giving small/medium merchants the possibility to upload their stores online, multiply their sells and power up the store scope and the customer engage as well. It’s also well known that Magento accomplished this goal very fast, and extended it so that large clients More »

08 April

Avoiding Javascript conflicts in Magento

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One big subject that comes up when moving our Magento project to a production environment is the way to combine the javascript files. Most developers work with jQuery instead of working with Prototype (js library that is included with Magento), this always brings a lot of headaches when combining both type of files and generates conflicts More »

28 March

Improve Magento cache functionality

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Hi folks!, it’s time to another quick and helpfull #Magento tip. If you’re looking to improve the customer expierence in your store, and need to reduce your site loading time, adding the following lines to .htaccess file, heaviest files that are loaded within the page get cached, such as jpg, png, css and js. You More »

18 March

Reindex Data via SSH

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Re-indexing data in Magento is a must do for all store owners. It is a essential part of keeping your magneto website working and running smoothly. You may know that you can re-index the data via the admin area through Admin > System > Index Management, but sometimes this process can fail or be very More »

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