01 November

We have updated our license system


Hi ecommlover, we bring you great news and updates about our service!

At HelloThemes we love creating great themes, providing awesome support and doing innovative things with the Magento platform.
We’ve been doing that since 2008, and we’d like to continue doing the things we love for as long as we can. We want turning our bright ideas into a successful business and help you for the same purpose.

For that to happen, we’ve made some important changes to our licensing system.

We’ve added “domain licenses” to prevent the resale of our themes on unauthorized sites

What is a Domain License?, how this works?
When buying a single theme, you get 1 domain license without additional cost. This means you’ll be able to use the theme in only 1 domain. If you need more domain licenses, you can buy them at $19 x 1 domain license. When buying a Theme Club CE, you get 5 domain licenses without extra cost.

Where I can set my domains?
From now, you will find a tab called “Licenses” in your dashboard. There, you will be able to set the domains in which you will install our themes.

Can I have more domains??
Sure, you can buy as many licenses as you want

Can I change my actual domains?
If you’ve already configured your domains and you want to change any of them, you must submit a support ticket and our team will change the domain URL for you

This means that i will have to purchase a new theme for each domain?
God help us if you think we would do that! If you have HelloNevada and you want to install it on multiple domains, you can do it!

The domains already installed, will be shutted down?
Definitely not! If you’ve made a purchase prior to the 1st of November 2013, we’ve got you covered. This new domains system, only affect the new purchases of Single Themes and subscriptions to our Theme Club since 1st of November 2013.

If I want install the themes on development environment or localhost. Can i do it?
Sure, just remember that the installation of development environment must be within the primary domain that you have set in your dashboard.

If you want to start setting up your domains, click here!

This new domains system will help us to protect to all Magento users of frauds perpetrated by resellers or unauthorized sites. No need to worry, it’s just some new security rules.

Keep selling online, keep Magenting ;)

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