29 June

Top 5 new features of Magento 2.0


Magento is already one of the leading ecommerce platforms worldwide and it’s only going to get better. A new upcoming version is expected to be released this year with a ton of new features and improvements, making it an even better and stronger tool for online sales. We’ve made a list of the top 5 new features that you must absolutely know about.

1. Preprocessing with CSS

Preprocessing makes customization easier and improves the general speed and perfomance of your site. Magento 2.o includes a LESS preprocessor that works with LESS PHP adapter to enable LESS use and a CSS URL resolver, fixing the links in CSS source files. Magento 2.0 uses both LESS and CSS instead of bootstrap and CSS files are published together with other view static files in the -/pub -/directory.

2. Improved performance and scalability

Magento 2.0 has enhanced it’s speed thanks to indexing. It keeps the index tables updated, improving the speed of query performance. This new version comes with a performance test kit that lets you create a test environment to check out speed and has also integrated Varnish cache to reduce the load on the server and also improve velocity. As well as speed enhancement, Magento has also improved scalability in this new version, letting you easily have multiple admin users create and modify products and their categories.

3. Stable jQuery

The prototype that has been used until now as the main JavaScript library has been replaced with a stable jQuery in the new Magento.

4. Improved file structure

Magento 2.0 includes four types of directories, that separate functions and tasks and reduce the load on core files and structure. These are the following: Primary Directories, System Directories, Application Directories and Public Directories. Magento 2.0 has also placed everything under the App structure and finally, each module in your store will have an individual view directory with each module’s specific template, layout, CSS and LESS files, etc. These changes make customization easy by not having to enter your Magento’s core to make customizations.

5. User experience

User experience has improved greatly with Magento 2.0. It’s back-end interface is much more user friendly, letting users now see statistics for each store view using the scope filter and implementing a flat design for reports, marketing and other different menu elements. Product management has also been enhanced letting store owners modify and add product content easily and quickly.

Between these incredible updates and our great themes and Magento page builder, creating your online store couldn’t possibly get more fun or easier. Stay tuned for more updates!

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