28 February

A sneek peek at HelloSixty…


Hello to everyone,

I hope your all enjoying our new pricing structure at the moment. Our sale is only on until the 2nd March, so take full advantage of this whilst its still running, 24 themes + all extensions + newly released themes = $99/year.

A look at HelloSixty..

But im here today to give you a sneek peek at the upcoming release of the new HelloTheme product, say hello to HelloSixty, this has come on the back of success of the HelloSonar theme which has been a really big success. Hello Sixty has been along time coming, we are very proud of all our products, HelloSixty has a new and improved theme framework which enables you to easily customize your webpage for your ecommerce store.

Sneek Peek

So lets have a look…

HelloSixty is set on a white background, a very clean freah and angelic colour, this colour can be changed if you wish to suit your companies image and style. The header is a very bold, giving you an area to inform your customers of how many items they have in their basket, any promotions and a search bar to look up any products that aren’t on the home page.


Below the main header there is a sub header, welcoming the customer with a message, or a ’log in’ message with the customers name on it, there are also more categories in which your browsing shopper can link to quickly skip to a number of added headers, taking them to what their looking for quickly and effectively.

Visual Shopping Cart

Now HelloSixty has a unique feature which will be re-occuring on future editions of Hellotheme products, this themes has the addition of a visual summary of your shopping cart, after researching what customers wanted, this was very high on the agenda, this gives shoppers a visual guide as to what they are going to buy, this feature has a picture of the desired product with a description and a price, they can remove this item if they wish without going into a seperate page.

Featured Slider

Across from the shopping cart feature is the main feature of HelloSixty, the images can be changed easily, if there is more than 1 image you wish to display, the added sliding image feature will come in handy to entice the customer into purchasing the product on offer. Further below this are image categories which summerise what each section is catering for, whether its men or womens clothing, TV’s or DVD players and many many more, each image has space below to have a brief decription of offers and promotions, again giving the customers just enough information to make them to want more from each category.

Shopping Category

Referring back to the left hand side of the page again, HelloSixty offers a Shopping Category section, each header is expanded again, to offer a more detailed sub categories of what is offered within that category.

Comparing Items

The compare items feature is not new within the ecommerce store industry, but HelloSixty is one of the first to be offering this feature as standard, this allows shoppers to compare, everthing, price, measurements and even the colour if they wish, making sure they are 100% satisfied with what they wish to purchase.

Site Map

As on all of the Hellothemes releases, at the bottom of the page/website will be a site map, breaking down the subjects that aren’t always on the home page. This give customers a quick guide to the website and quick links to items such as ‘returns’ or ‘support’ and ‘FAQ’s’ This offers all your customer a small sense of security, knowing how to find thigs without having to search through every category.

Well folks, that is a small glimpse of the HelloSixty theme which is due to be released very very shortly. With the new pricing structure of HelloThemes, you can get this theme for as little as $49, or as many people are doing at the moment, due to our 10 day sale, we offer all our 24 themes + all extensions + newly released themes = $99/year.

Keep looking at www.hellothemes.com for all the latest news and reviews to see when HelloSixty is released.

Many Thanks, speak to you soon

Richard, Sales and Marketing Director.

  • http://www.webfive.co.za Taahir Latib

    Really impressed with your guys designs,keep it up

  • http://www.ve.turismodelbueno.com Miguel Franchi

    Excelent! this theme is very professional… I want this theme…

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