25 October

The number of ecommerce sites made with Magento is growing day after day

Advance Logic from Italy Magento ecommerce services

In many countries of the world the ecommerce trend keeps growing and the platform that choose to enhance the experience of merchants and developers, is Magento. Today we had the pleasure of talking with Davide Consonni, CEO of Advanced Logic our new HelloPartner, who tells us his experience with Magento platform from Italy

1. How did you know Magento?Advanced Logic

I started knowing about Magento in the late 2008, when the Platform version was the 1.3.

Since then, Magento has acquired, year after year, important market shares and now it is the eCommerce Platform of Choice adopted by the largest number of online merchants.

2. Why did you choose Magento?

Some years ago, when Magento had appeared recently on the market, there were also other competitive eCommerce platforms /technologies available.

However, thanks to its set of built-in functionalities and to its software architecture, Magento appeared to be the most powerful and versatile eCommerce system and for this reason we decided to adopt it as exclusive eCommerce Platform for our projects.

3. Tell us about the difficulties and challenges you’ve had to overcome

The learning curve on the Platform is relevant, especially if you want to make Magento your core business and to develop complex ecommerce solutions with it.

The time spent in learning and in acquiring the knowledge of Magento has been fruitful as we are now one of the most active Italian companies who realize projects with the Platform.

4. How has working with Magento influenced your business and /or professional activity?

The choice to adopt Magento has had definitely a positive impact on our business as the Platform has acquired a terrific market quote in the sector of ecommerce platforms.

As far as I am concerned, I am enthusiastic about Magento.

5. Is Magento popular in Italy?

Yes. As in many other Countries, in Italy Magento is the most known and requested eCommerce Platform and the number of ecommerce sites made with magento is growing day after day.

6. Which are your favourite extensions?

With the continuous spread of the Platform, a growing number of extensions is also available on the market.

Other than being Partners of your Company we are also Partners of aheadWorks, the leading vendor of Magento modules.
They produce and sell some must-have extensions, as Ajax Cart Pro, One Step Checkout, Order Attributes Pro, Advanced Reports and many other very useful modules.

Another notable extension is M2EPro, the module that allows to synchronize orders and product inventories between Magento and eBay.

7. Do you think Magento has enhanced the online sales and distribution in your country?

Yes, sure. If 2-3 years ago we were contacted to realize generic eCommerce sites, now about the 80% of eCommerce solutions requests concern the use of Magento and we expect an extension of this trend since Magento came in the eBay group, together with PayPal.
The EMEA Magento Channel Development Manager is also very active and gives us all the needed support to better expand our business.

8. What is your favourite theme by HelloThemes?

We are very happy to have become Hello Themes Partner as we consider your Company one of the best theme providers for the Platform existing on the market.
You are specialized in responsive themes that nowadays have a big momentum.
Your templates that we like most are Hello Loja and Hello Nevada.

9. How do your customers feel when they work with the Magento Admin-Panel?

They are generally happy. We have many customers who manually manage their product catalogue via Magento Admin-Panel.
There are also some customers who have their legacy ERP system connected to the site.
For some clients we have also developed custom import procedures to allow them to populate their online catalogue by uploading an Excel file.

10. Which Magento platform do you use most for your clients? CE, EE or GO?

We generally use the Community Edition.
Recently, Magento released the 1.8 version of the Platform that includes several new interesting features and some improvements of the performances.
So, we expect several migration requests to the 1.8.

11. Which is the online sales percentage in IT?

The ecommerce Italian market is under heavy development.
However, the figures are still lower than in other European countries such as England, Germany, France and the Netherlands.
This is a big opportunity for Italian ecommerce agencies to acquire new customers.

12. Anything else that you’d like to add?

Thanks also to the continuous development work of the Platform, Magento is now a universe of features and possibilities.
For the launch of a winning ecommerce strategy you should however contact a competent and seriuos agency.

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