06 May

Sell quick and cute with Magento. Hello Framework overview part I


It’s well known that Magento came to life with the purpose of giving small/medium merchants the possibility to upload their stores online, multiply their sells and power up the store scope and the customer engage as well.
It’s also well known that Magento accomplished this goal very fast, and extended it so that large clients and the most important companies of the world can take advantage of the powerful features that this ecommerce platform provides.
However, Magento can be tricky if you don’t have any web development knowledge and want to have an online store. This has been a pity for us, since we have seen customers give up Magento due to these difficulties. No matter how much support we provide, if you don’t have a basic understanding of web development it’s very likely that you’ll break something in your Magento installation. This is why we started developing our own framework last year, to provide our customer community a QUICK and SIMPLE way to install and customize their themes, make their stores look great and have the possibility to take advantage of the thousands of Magento features. With this tool, the customer doesn’t have to be a web developer in order to have an online store with Magento, in fact, using our Hello Framework the customer doesn’t have to touch any code or backend scripts, it’s a matter of just selecting your desired colors, blocks, features and get ready to make money.

In the first part of our Hello Framework overview, we’ll check out the first elements of the framework options, which you can change to your liking:

Global Elements

List of elements that can be edited in this option:

  • Theme Color: Color for general elements
  • Title Color: Color for titles
  • Content Background Color: This color will be used for Content Background
  • Hover Icon Color: This color will be used for Content Background
  • Link Color: Color for content links
  • Link Hover Color: Color for content links when hovered
  • Button Color

If you’re not sure which elements each setting changes, we provide an info pop-up pointing out the elements handled by each option:

Select the colors you want and save. That’s it, as simple as two clicks ;)

See you in the next Hello Framework overview!. Cheers!.

Guillermo Gallo
Framework Developer

  • Russell

    Great tool guys, saved me hours of work! :)

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