18 March

Reindex Data via SSH

Index Management

Re-indexing data in Magento is a must do for all store owners. It is a essential part of keeping your magneto website working and running smoothly.

You may know that you can re-index the data via the admin area through Admin > System > Index Management, but sometimes this process can fail or be very slow if you have big amount of products or categories. Not to worry though, there is an alternative to re-indexing via the admin, it does require knowledge of SSH and a Terminal (MS-Dos like) program.

Using SSH login to your websever and navigate to the Root of you magento installation (this is where the index.php script resides). Once there you can run the re-index processors manually by executing the following commands:

Also, it is useful to note the help screen that is accessable via SSH using the command:


Which will re-index all of the available indexes, and finally:

Which will give you a list of all the available indexes in the Magento system.

That’s all!, cheers! ;)

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