21 February

The all new HelloThemes has arrived!


SO, HelloThemes has now completed its re-design of the website for you all to enjoy!

This has come from weeks of hard work and research into how to make it better for you to use, look at and navigate around, in celebration of all this, we have decided to reward all our customers with a limited time only sale!

In these difficult economic times, all companies are making cut backs, HelloThemes is just the same, we have had to make cut backs of our own, but luckily for you it’s to our membership options. We have cut it down to 3 instead of 4 membership options, this is to make it easier for you to choose which product would best suit your company.

So tell us about the sale I hear you say…….well we wanted to help our single use customers as well as our Premium club customers, in doing this we have decided for a limited time only we will be offering all 24 themes as well as all new released themes for only $99 for the entire year’s subscription, that’s right ONLY $99!! The Premuim club falls under the ‘Theme Club’ banner now. The Theme club offers all the benefits of the Premium club just under a new banner, if you were a theme club customer, consider this an upgrade for no extra cost.

This Sale will only last for a maximum of 10 days, there after we will be reverting back to our old pricing structure, so we want you to take full advantage of this whilst the offer is running.

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