17 May

Magento PHP Developer’s Guide



We have the pleasure to review another great e-book about Magento. This times it’s the turn for and advance level of Magento knowledge, PHP developers new in the platform will love this book: Magento PHP Developer’s Guide

With a detailed introduction to setting up and configure a LAMP server, the book will guide you through the must-know subjects about developing in Magento. This covers an entire chapter of the famous Zend Framework, the Magento version of Model View Controller, specific topics about UI/UX development, a chapter to Test your modules, and of course all you must to know about Deployment and Distribution of your modules or extensions.

You don’t have to be a “hacker” to take advantaje of this book, if you have let’s say 1 year of PHP development experience and a basic understanding about e-commerce platforms, this book will take you to and advanced level of understaning about Magento and how to extend it’s functionalities. I found out very useful section called “Packing our extension”, where you can learn how to make a package of your extension or theme to then upload it into your MagentoConnect account, so it will be available for customers to install it by copy and pasting a single line to the MagentoConnect Manager panel within Magento backend.

Hope this book surprise you like it did with me ;)


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