03 December

Magento Admin-panel user locked, what now?


Hi #Magento people!,

have you ever been locked when trying to access to your Admin-panel?, well, this happened to me last week and i think this may help anybody having this problem.

Luckily the solution is quite simple to apply, all you have to do is accessing to the Magento DB you created when you install the platform, then open up this table: ‘admin_user‘  Find the row where your username is, then change the values of this fields to:

(field name / value)

failures_num = 0,

lock_expires = NULL

Save the table and try log-in back, you’ll be able to do it now!.

Also, could happen you forgot the password and the “Forgot password” link doesn’t work correctly, well, in the table pointed above you’ll see the filed ‘password’. However, keep in mind this field holds MD5 values, so you have to enter a MD5 string there. This can be done by creating your own MD5 from this site: http://www.adamek.biz/md5-generator.php  Copy the given string, then past it in the ‘password’ field. Save the table and…voilá!, you are able to log-in back to your #Magento Admin-panel. ;)


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