11 July

Magento 2: say good bye to Prototype


Hi dear Magento lovers!, this week we’ll be talking about another exciting news which is the probably excision of the Prototype library and the coming of jQuery fully integrated in Magento 2 structure. This means you’ll be able to easily leverage the mountain of jQuery libraries that are already available on the internet and there will be no more troubles regarding different modules/extensions compatibility with jQuery versions; since Magento 2 will include jQuery 1.7 by default, all modules and extensions will have to code in this version.

Another great news for developers is the oblivion of horrible nightmares when debuggin Prototype, you know what i mean… ;) In Prototype, objects created are represented as functions named ‘klass’, which hides internal methods and data from debugging developer tools. In contrast, jQuery libraries typically express objects using just simple javascript hashes.


Well, stay awake for our next week Magento 2 news!. Next chapter: ” Theme Inheritance in Magento 2″.-


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  • http://www.brcline.com Brian R Cline

    Very excited that it will be gone…

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