05 July

Magento 2 and what happened with skin folder?…


Our second post about Magento 2 and there’s a lot to talk about. Now, lets take a look at the new directory structure:


As you can easily see, there’s no more SKIN folder. Although all theme css,images and js is stored here, Magento 2 have moved this into the theme itself. Other folders that have been removed from the Magento root are errors, includes, js, media, pkginfo and shell.  errors and media have moved into the pub folder alongside some of php files that also sat it the Magento root. The reason of this is to separate static public files from the rest of the system, the public document root stops any unauthorized access direct to the rest of the applications files. Interesting…

Let’s talk now about custom themes. You’ll notice that these are no longer separeted into layout (.xml) and templates (.phtml) folders, now they are split in a much modular approach. In your custom theme you’ll need to have folders for each module you’re applying a custom theme to, and this then includes all specific .phtml,.xml and .css files. This can be seen in the new Modern theme directory structure:



All right!, we’ll be posting more news about Magento 2 next week. Stay awake! ;)






  • http://mkleine.de Matthias Kleine

    And the .phtml files are secured by an .htaccess file? Or how is it possible to access the .css and .js files there?

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