12 July

New Magento interview: AddShoppers


AddShoppers is a company of social commerce platform for retailers. These guys do an amazing job, they optimize social commerce for stores and provide effective ROI statistics. Is for us a great pleasure share with you this new Magento Interview.


1. How did you know Magento?

We had been a Magento user ourselves for a couple years before we got into helping retailers with social media.

2. Why do you choose Magento, which features have you engaged?

We chose to integrate and partner with Magento because they are one of the best eCommerce platforms in the world. Their platform is highly customizable, very powerful, and used by thousands of retailers of all sizes.

3. Tell us about the difficulties and challenges you’ve had to overcome

Getting the word out is always tough! However, we partnered with Magento and made a great product — both of those things helped Magento users learn about AddShoppers and benefit as a result. Being one of their staff picks didn’t hurt either!

4. How has working with Magento influenced your business and / or professional activity?

Magento is very active and has a great community, and as partners we stay involved with them. We attend and exhibit at their yearly Imagine eCommerce conference, maintain an extension for Magento, and are a Silver partner.

5. Is Magento popular in your country?

Yes — Magento based in the United States, where we are located, and the majority of Magento stores are American.

6. Tell us about AddShoppers. How did this occur to you? When did you start?

AddShoppers was started when we, as online retailers ourselves, realized that social sharing wasn’t understood or utilized by the vast majority of eCommerce store owners. We didn’t have any way to track the performance of social sharing (including ROI), increase sharing through rewards, or utilize social in any way other than simple, default sharing buttons.

We built AddShoppers to solve that problem, not just for ourselves, but for all eCommerce store owners. We believe that social media is a viable marketing channel and that all retailers, not just the Amazons of the world, should be able to leverage social sharing.

7. Do you think Magento has enhanced the online sales and distribution in your country?

With Magento’s powerful, customizable platform, they’ve allowed retailers to create successful online stores that have definitely helped reach more customers and increase sales. They have definitely helped out retailers in this country since they are based here!

8. Which are your favourite extensions?

The AddShoppers extension, of course! Shameless plug aside, we are also fans of the Bronto and Listrak extensions. Unirgy’s extensions are also good.

9. What is your favourite theme by HelloThemes?

We like the look of the new HelloGorilla theme!

10. Anything else that you’d like to add?

If you’re planning on coming to the next Imagine eCommerce conference, make you come see us! Also, visit our homepage, AddShoppers.com, to learn more about our company.

Lastly, keep up the good work HelloThemes!

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