28 June

Interview with Philippe Humeau CEO at NBS System


We’re launching an interview cycle to the most popular MagentoCommerce references in the eCommerce world.

We want to thank Philippe Humeau, CEO of NBS System, ideologist of Bargento and world referent of e-commerce and Magento, for being part of our interviews and telling us about his work with the platform.
We will be sharing with you experiences of people who have achieved success with Magento, communicating tips and suggestions for your Magento Road Trip.

1. How did you know Magento?
I organized the first French event around the solution back in 2009 and became the community leader for France.
I then met the founders and the other European community members regularly.

2. Why do you choose Magento, which features have you engaged?
We are an hosting company so we do not really use Magento as a final customer. On the other hand, we hosts thousands of client sites. Magento is convincing because it is very affordable and extremely complete and functional.

3. Tell us about the difficulties and challenges you’ve had to overcome
Still Magento is a huge dynamic worldwide now, mainly because the community supports it a lot. This community was touched and happy that Roy & Yoav ran all over the world to advocate their product. The main challenge with Magento are technical. It’s an amazing platform but it needs experience and knowledge to make it work properly. Scalability and speed are possible to achieve but the customers need to choose experts and not newcomers or “marketing” only company.

4. How has working with Magento influenced your business and / or professional activity?
Well, my company is now leader in Magento hosting in France, a serious one in Europe and our turnover is now ~50% related to Magento. It basically brought us a tremendous growth.
Even on a personal level Magento changed a lot for me. Bob (former president) & Yoav (former CTO) became personal friends and I even met my wife in a Magento event organized by a German community friend of mine ;)

5. Is Magento popular in France?
Hell yes. This is a major player. The small sites often go for Prestashop, the very big for Hybris, Websphere or ATG but in the mid-size business (2 to 50 M€ turnover online), Magento leads the dance, by far. Even if competitors rise like RBS Change, Drupal Commerce or other, even if Magento lost a bit of ground, the adoption is still massive and retention of existing customers very good.

6. Tell us about Bargento. How did this occur to you? When did you start?
I started it back in 2009 and this year was the 8th occurrence. We started in a small room, low cost, with 90 early adopters in the room. Mid 2011, we reached the top of the wave with nearly 900 persons joining the Bargento.
I started a mailing list about performances tips & tricks, I then ran a Blog and the physical event was then an obvious path, suggested by an ecommerce relation of mine, M. Broche.

7. Which are your favourite extensions?
Nitrogento, which is produced by our company. It boosts Magento performances and brings high end page load time. I’m also quite fan of Mage monkey, Gomage Advanced navigation, Ajax cart pro. Follow up emails, Help desk ultimate, delete any order, one step checkout and speedster should also be seen.

8. Do you think Magento has enhanced the online sales and distribution in your country?*
Yes, it gave an easy entry point to many merchants that would otherwise have waited or thought twice before going online for either technical complexity reasons or costs.

9. What is your favourite theme by HelloThemes?
Hello Gorilla, I love the ‘out of bound’ big slider and the simple and efficient design, also looks great on a mobile or tablet.

10. Anything else that you’d like to add?
Long live Magento? I like your previewer that automaticall show the theme on a tablet, iphone or normal screen, very convenient. ;)

Thank you very much Philippe for sharing your Magento experience with the HelloCommunity.

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