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André Gugliotti: “If people knew all powerful functionalities of Magento, would be even more popular and spreadly used”

Andre Gugliotti Magento Bargento Brasil

André Gugliotti Magento Bargento Brasil

We continue interviewing entrepreneurs and ecommerce professionals around the world. Today we are privileged to read the excellent interview to this amazing Magento consultant: André Gugliotti

Who is André Gugliotti?

Consultant in electronic commerce and digital marketing, with nearly 5 years of experience in Magento development. He has organized a successful conference Bargento in Brazil, and helps the Magento growth in Latin America

  1. 1. How did you know Magento?

I first heard about Magento when it was being tested, at the beginning of 2008. Somebody of open source community advised that we should keep an eye on a “totally new ecommerce platform” and that it would revolutionize the ecommerce world. I took several months to understand that new framework and finally start to develop some stores based on it.

2. Why do you choose Magento, which features have you engaged?

Regarding to 2008, Magento brought several new features as multi-stores, multi-languages and a complete backend that no other platform offered that time (and it’s still more complete than their main competitors). What fascinated me and made me fell in love with Magento was the idea that somebody has developed a lot of code, offering me the core and main functionalities. Then, I could focus on business side, thinking of catalogs, themes and how I could help store owners to sell more.

3. Tell us about the difficulties and challenges you’ve had to overcome

My difficulties were the same of 90% of Magento developers and store owners. It was really complicated install and run a Magento store during its first 24 months. No support, no documentation, a totally new way of development, a lack of good hosts, few modules.
After Magento 1.4 launching, I believe things started to change and we could think how to base our careers and companies over Magento. Before that, no other way was possible. We had to study, ready and test, test, test. I remember there were lots of times that to solve a problem in a particular installation, I had to read about 3 or 4 similar problems and, mixing them up, found a solution for my specific problem, that no one has faced until there.

4. How has working with Magento influenced your business and / or professional activity?

At the end of 2009, I started to think how Magento could base my career and it made my mind. First, I was working with development, coding themes and small modules, but soon I realized that as entrepreneur and dealing with many store owners, I could help them to build better stores. Since 2010 I’m focused on strategy and store planning, putting together store owners, marketing agencies, store developers and modules companies. My goal currently is work hard to save money and promote better use of companies resources.

Now, I’m recognized as a reference in Magento here in Brazil and I can assume that I owe all of this to Magento Commerce.

5. Is Magento popular in Brasil?

Yes, it is. But unfortunately, Magento image is still many related to free software, asoftware that you don’t need to pay for, a platform that we can do stores pending no money. It’s far from the reality, as Magento demands good professionals, people who have devoted time to study and to gather special abilities to build good stores over Magento core. We believe that if people knew all powerful functionalities of Magento and could reserve right budgets to their projects, Magento would be even more popular and spreadly used.

6. Tell us about Bargento Brasil. How did this occur to you? When did you start?

I knew Bargento at the very beginning. It started as Fragento, a French community meeting and I could join them virtually at 2010, when Virtuagento was organized. We were looking for ways to promote Magento events here in Brazil and the idea of putting entrepreneurs, developers, store owners and students all together in a bar, talking and having fun at the same time they have the chance to listen to a main speaker was very good.
Then, after a short talk with Philippe Humeau – a great guy, who is really committed with Magento growing – we organized the first Bargento in Sao Paulo. Our speaker was Mario Sam, one of the Magento pioneers in Brazil and we could put together almost 100 attendees, in a good, good event. Since there, we are on the second year and Bargento Brasil 2013 will have 6 editions along main cities.

7. Which are your favourite extensions?

There are lots of good extensions for Magento, specially in Magento Connect. I’ve been working close to aheadWorks and like their extensions, even simple extensions like Image Slider or Advanced Reports that can boost your Magento store. By the way, that’s the idea: good extensions are simple, as our stores should be.

8. Do you think Magento has enhanced the online sales and distribution in your country?

Unfortunately, our desire is far from reality. During few months last year we had a general manager in Brazil, responding for Magento and X.Commerce but he couldn’t turn his plans into actions. He left Magento Inc almost one year ago and Brazil still doesn’t have an office or even a representative here.
That’s the same for Certified Partners. After having 12 certified companies, currently we have only 3 Partners and other 3 Magento Associates. Part of this decline is related to complete absence of clear directions and a close support here in Brazil and it’s not occurring only here.

9. What is your favourite theme by HelloThemes?

There isn’t a favorite theme by HelloThemes. I think that’s the same of extensions: the best theme will be a simple one, that achieves a simple goal: help customers to navigate and shop. I can say that HelloDisplay meets these requierements.

10. Anything else that you’d like to add?

Just thank you again for the invite and I hope more and more developers and store owners could choose Magento and make it part of their lives. Ecommerce is just starting and many things should be built. We have the software but to grow it we need people. So here we go!

André Gugliotti

site: www.gugliotti.com.br

tw: @AndreGugliotti

blog: www.andregugliotti.com.br

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