25 June

Instant E-commerce with OpenCart: Build a Shop [eBook]



Hi there!, we’ve received another interesting book to take a look: “Instant E-commerce with OpenCart: Build a Shop” Wait a minute?…,OpenCart??. Yes!, Magento it’s not the only e-commerce platform in the world (but the best for me ;) ), now it’s the turn to talk a bit about OpenCart, particularly this book which introduce you in a very good way to this software.

If you’re looking to build an online store quickly and easly, you’ll find your solution in this e-book. Just need a hosting with cPanel and you’re almost set. OpenCart doesn’t have a large list of system requirements: Apache Server, PHP 5.2 (minimum), MySQL,
cURL, Fsock. You can find these in most of the servers around.

The book follows with a good guide about basic store configurations, like adding categories, products, attributes, tax data and much more. You’ll have a great outlook of the OpenCart backend when finish the first 20 pages of the book. What follows is referred to the configuration of the OpenCart functionalities, payment, shipping, discounts, etc. Nothing you haven’t saw in Magento, but simplier. I particulary liked chapter “Learning to use modules (Simple)”, where you can learn to take advantage of the default OpenCart modules, like the Banners module. This module for example lets you add and customize a simple banner in your store, the dimensions, layouts and pages are totally selectable.

If you’re looking to upload a quick and very simple store, don’t miss this chance!. Buy this e-book here;)


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