04 March

HelloThemes on the iPad?



Our good friends at Magento have newly released ‘Magento Mobile’…This new product enables your brand to go where ever your customers go. This would help increase brand awareness and boost sales revenue, Hellothemes already had the ecommerce theme templates for the iPhone and now with the release of the iPad2, we are seriously looking at investing time and effort to bring you the next generation online shopping experiences.

Your ecommerce store will look like never before, with the iPad2′s capabilities, it will be like having your website on your PC in your hand at any given time, with all the functionality and impressive sliding features that we have all come to love with apple technology, giving your valued customers more time to search products on the move. We expect to be more requirements for companies to go mobile in the very near future, we will be watching this with held breath.


What are your thoughts on this, and would you like for us to start providing themes for users to use on the iPad?

Richard Wilson, Sales and Marketing Manager

  • Matty

    As an owner of world wide coffee retails (Online) I think having sleek iPad themes is a brilliant idea!

    However I do not like the concept that “Magento” has bought out.

    I would rather have skins (Like you have for iPhone) but made for tablet computers.

    From the research that my company ran through our site (7k unique customers answered the poll we ran), our customers would like to be able to use tablet computers but not have to download apps to do this.

    So iPad themes for safari would be brilliant!


  • Claus Munch

    Sound really cool! :)

  • Cemal Cebi

    Ipad is I think one of the only mobile devices to generate revenue than any other.

  • Matthew

    Hi Richard,

    Has there been any process on the development of HelloThemes on the iPad?

    Your original post was in March 2011 and since then no news :(

    Best regards


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