29 November

Lucky Winners of HelloKimbo


A couple of weeks ago we launched a new giveaway, we have received a lot of participation and today it is time to announce the winners. The prize? HelloKimbo, one of our latest themes for Magento stores.


Want to wow your customers with a brilliant, high quality slideshow of your featured products? With HelloKimbo’s bold front page design you can show off your best work to the world with its fully customizable slider against a stylish metallic gray background, while providing all of your latest announcements or blog posts via the feed at the bottom. The simple, easy to navigate product pages allow visitors to browse through your merchandise without being cluttered by unnecessary features or gimmicks, with a sidebar menu to keep your store layout organized. Take advantage of social networking with the mini menu on the top left corner of every page, which features your Twitter, Facebook account, and more, while a live Twitter feed is available on the front page to keep customers informed. With HelloKimbo’s elegant but beautiful design you’ll boldly stand out amongst your competition and give your merchandise the proper backdrop it needs to sell.


So finally its time to announce the results, here are the list of lucky winners:

  • Chris Megahan
  • iTokas Tomas
  • Neil Mendez

Congratulations to the winners. All the winners will be contacted through email. The theme is already loaded into the member account of the winners and will be available until Dec 31st. So winners, download your themes as soon as you receive the email.

Thanks to all for participating on the giveaway and a big congrats to all of the winners!

In case, If you missed this giveaway, make sure you are ready for next one as we going to create more such giveaways in future.
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