02 March

Ecommerce is clearly a Winner…



I hope everyone is have a good read of the new HelloSixty Theme which is due to be released in the coming week, so far looking at our figures there is alot of interest.

I wanted to focus today on the ‘New Business” popping up around the world, I had a very intersting conversation with a friend of mine who wanted to know more about ‘online business’ and wanted to create something from nothing. Now the person in question has no computer background and isnt very computer ‘savy’. This person was asking why should he sell his Music online, why cant he approach people face to face, not only is this method time comsuming, but this also costs, saying that, this shouldnt put anyone off trying to start something….Thomas Eddison once said…

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

In the digital age of ‘Facebook‘ and the internet, we all have a certain power now to make a difference with a minimal effort, the internet has opened everyone up to the entire world just like when the aeroplane was invented, it made the world smaller…..the internet has made it even smaller now, with the click of a button you can interact with millions of people all at once, from around the world. If you have an idea, with a small audience, not all of them may like it. Offer the same idea to millions, and i bet some of them will be willing to buy it off you, this is the power we all have now.

HelloThemes helps target people who are looking to start up business’ aswel as the companies that are looking for a attractive, professional and affordable solution to update there company website. On doing this, today i read about 2010 Q4 sales figures from across the world, in the last period of 2010, online retail sales reached a staggering $43 billion. Whats even more amazing is the fact that 63.3% of the $43 billion made was done by only 25 of the world largest retail online stores…..let alone what other ‘smaller’ companies are doing.Read more about it at


We are slowly coming to the realization that online retail stores are slowly overtaking the high street shops, if we all have this power to promote and create something so easily, why isnt everyone willing to try it?

Ecommerce is clearly the winner…

Richard Wilson, Sales and Marketing Director

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