19 June

Hello Magento 2



A new platform is coming…., new?…, oh yes, Magento 2 will rock your bones.

Having a completely different structure, Magento 2 is being developed with the main purpose to make you forget Magento 1.x headaches. However, when you take a look at the directory structure you will not know it’s Magento:


Hey wait!, where’s SKIN folder??… Well, there’s no more SKIN folder in Magento 2. Instead, they have created a directory name “pub” and moved JS , SKIN , ERROR folder from root to PUB. In this way you can protect your code putting it outside the webserver document root.

The Admin-Panel (now /backend by default) it was also totally reformulated, you’ll feel kind of lost there!:



Looking for System/Configuration ?, not any more:



You’ll want to take a look about this new feature: The Designer


This feature allows you to select a theme, then drag and drop the blocks to fit your needs, like you can do with Magento GO:




Hope you enjoyed this quick tour!. We’ll be posting more news about Magent 2 soon ;)




  • cinnamonchic

    yes!.. 1000% better back-end.
    now lets work on that volume of unnecessary installation files.. It’s too massive.
    I would like to see this on a shared hosting account – not a dedicated server

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