20 April

Google’s URL display changes and our suggestions for your Magento store


Last week, Google announced they will be making some changes in the way URLs appear in mobile search results in the United States, starting on April 21st. In this post we’ll explain what changes will be made and what this means for your Magento website.

The changes:

Google stated that they will be implementing the following two modifications in mobile search results:

  • The domain name of a website will be replaced by it’s website name, which can be suggested by the site owners at www.schema.org.

  • The URL structure of the URL will be shown as breadcrumbs in search results. The breadcrumbs can be taken from either your URL or your site structure, but there is no news yet as to how this will be done. However, in the same way as the website name, Google suggests breadcrumb markups.


What this means for your Magento store:

With these changes, your URL structure becomes even more important than it already was. You should make sure all your URLs are friendly, and that each category and subcategory is setup and structured logically and correctly. The structure must be clear and don’t forget to configure an appropriate URL key with Magento for each category and product. All these steps will help your sites positioning on Google search results!

Here at the steps you have to follow to configure the URL key for products with Magento:

Dashboard → Catalog → Manage Products → Product → General → URL key (with no spaces or special characters)

And here is how you can configure the URL keys for categories on your Magento website:

Dashboard → Catalog → Manage Categories → Select Category → URL key (with no spaces or special characters)


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