11 December

Flat design web trend

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A trend that is seeing in web design is called ‘Flat Design‘, the interfaces sites are similar to the Metro UI of Microsoft as it leaves aside the shadows, reliefs, textures and gradients. These sites are characterized by a cleaner design, crisp, with elegant typography and solid colors.
The new design of Microsoft and after used in Windows 8 have made the flat design take more prominence, although Flat Design was really trend several years ago because of its easy elaboration, it was not very popular until this time.

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Flat Design is simply flat design. Just like that, and when we talk about flat web design, we refer to the design of a website that you choose to use geometric shapes, flat colors and bold and icons instead of pictures or complex images. The flat web design removes all traces of shadows, depth effects, bevels, gradients, three-dimensional effects and Focus on minimalist and simpler design.

Flat design can be both elegant, beautiful and lovely time. Without many ornaments, it can be a clean and simple way to communicate a message or promote a product or idea.

Our designers are implementing this trend in our next Magento Theme.

Features of the flat design:

  • Elements tastefully designed.
  • Without many effects to create depth.
  • Without blurred edges and shadow.
  • Simple buttons with striking colors and of course that match with the theme.
  • The buttons are something definable within the site, which you can identify ‘far away ‘,clearer is, more effective.
  • Minimalist design.
  • Honest design.
  • Authentically digital.
  • It is faster for the design and it takes less time and effort to make it responsive.

The flat design is a kind of clean and clear design that seamlessly connects with the responsible design (“responsive web design”) how the designer have put in fashion in the web for any website can be flexible and can be seen on any device giving equal screen size or resolution.

To us the truth is that it is a type of web design that we like, and we will implement in our next theme!

We hope that you enjoy this post and your comments are welcome!

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