13 March

How to display store-switcher with country flags


A) Download your language package from MagentoConnect and install it through MagentoConnect Manager: http://www.hellothemes.com/support/getting-started/how-to-set-up-languages-magento/

B) Once you have assigned the language to the corresponding store-view, the store-switcher should display by default, if not, please follow this easy steps:

1) Open up app/design/frontend/default/yourtheme/layout/page.xml Under this line: <block type=”page/html_header” name=”header” as=”header”> You must have this line:

<block type=”page/switch” name=”store_language” as=”store_language” template=”page/switch/flags.phtml”/>

Like so:


2) Now open up app/design/frontend/default/yourtheme/template/page/html/header.phtml Be sure to have this line:

<?php echo $this->getChildHtml(‘store_language’) ?>

For example:



That’s it!, the store-switcher will display in the header of your theme:


  • http://www.kanootours.com Phil Rice

    Ive checked all this and still nothing shows up – anything else we can check to try to get this to display, ive been trying to sort this for days now and still no luck

  • http://www.fmeaddons.com/ Paul

    I am facing some issues with this code.. admin please improve this code.

  • pauls

    I tried to execute this code but flags are not shown while switching the store, maybe some issues in coding or compatibility issue.
    Check this FME Magento Store Switcher extension – http://bit.ly/1aUFASi
    This extension will help you to automatically redirect customers according to the pre-configured settings.

  • Sazzad Tushar Khan

    There is no `app/design/frontend/default/yourtheme/layout/page.xml ` in either of hellopiazzolla, hellopiazzolla_custom, hellothemes.

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