19 March

How to display Currency Switcher in header


A) Configure your currency within your Admin-panel settings: http://go.magento.com/support/kb/entry/name/managing-currency/ (the same settings apply for Magento CE too).
B) If the currency-switcher doesn’t display in your theme’s header, please follow this quick steps:

1) Open up app/design/frontend/default/yourtheme/layout/page.xml Under this line: <block type=”page/html_header” name=”header” as=”header”> You must have this line:

<block type=”directory/currency” name=”store_currency_selector” as=”store_currency_selector” template=”directory/currency.phtml”/>

Like so:


2) Now open up app/design/frontend/default/yourtheme/template/page/html/header.phtml Be sure to have this line:

<?php echo $this->getChildHtml(‘store_currency_selector’) ?>

For example:



That’s it!, the store-switcher will display in the header of your theme:


  • pauls

    Faced a few minor issues while executing this code but were fixed easily.
    I would suggest to provide this code in form of a ready-made extension.

    Also have a look at this GeoIP Language Currency extension by FME – http://ow.ly/NOriP
    You can display currency switcher in header as well as in footer.

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