04 September

Adding your own content in “Additional Information” tab


You’ve already seen this tab in many product view pages, but how do i add my own content in that tab?. Pretty simple:

1) We’ll need to create our own attibutes, to do so navigate to Catalog / Attributes / Manage Attributes within your Magento Admin-panel. Fill in the required fields, be sure to set this:


2) After you create your attibutes, we’ll need to create an Attribute Set which includes our attributes created before. Navigate to Catalog / Attributes / Manage Attributes Set  click in “Add New” button, then be sure to set “Base on = default”, like so:


3) Then you’ll have to add a new attribute group, just clikc in “Add New” under “Groups” list. Drag and drop your previously created attributes on the right column to inside your just created group, like this:


4) Now let’s create a product that includes the attibute set we created before. Be sure to select your attribute set:


5) Fill in the attributes content within the product settings:


6) Save the product and…


voilà!! ;)

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